While we offer many different combinations of packages, our standard package includes the following:

– Hotel accommodations in your choice of room category at any of our partner properties.
– Hotel taxes and service charges 2-Tank AM dive each day (except arrival & departure days)
– Tanks, weights, & weight belts.

The following additional expenses should be considered by travelers and planned for:

Rental Dive Equipment (if needed)
– Meals
– Transfers between hotel & airport (US$170.00 per group)

Samaná, and especially Las Terrenas where we are located enjoy great water conditions year round. Because of our geographic location on the island, if bad weather occurs the island itself acts as the lee to protect the water around many of the dive sites.

Visibility remains clear and consistent year round. This is one of the things that has made Caribean Sea the “Underwater Movie Capitol” of the world.

The water temperature changes seasonally. Our seasons are just the same as they are in the United States with the winter months being colder than summer. A rough breakdown of water temperatures would be as follows:

January-March 77f-25c 3mm full suit
April-May 79f-26c 3mm suit
Jun-Aug 85f-29c No wetsuit required
Sept-Oct 82f-28c 1mm – 3mm suit
Nove-Dece 82f-28c 1mm – 3mm suit

As always, you should base your thermal protection needs on your sensitivity, the number of dives you are going to perform each day, and the number repetitive diving days you will participate in.

Once you have boarded your boat and before leaving the dock, your staff will discuss several desired dive sites. If you have suggestions on particular sites or types of dives you want to do this trip, be sure to speak up. Based on your suggestions our sraff will recommend specific sites to visit during this trip.

Typically our first dive will be a deep dive following a 62 ft / 19 mt for 45 minutes profile. Most likely this will be to one of our sites along the Whale´s Rock. We will see two jet´s ski in the bottom and a 10 meters rocks over the sand where we can find a lot of typical Caribbean life.

Once everyone is back on board we will move the boat to your second site. After an appropriate surface interval, our staff will brief the second dive.

Your second dive will be either one of our shallow reefs or one of our wrecks. A typical profile for this dive will be 50 feet / 15 meters for 50 to 60 minutes.

We offer packages at a variety of hotels and small resorts on Las Terrenas & Samaná. However, we offer bus pick-up from all the Las Terrenas’ resorts and hotels. Just be sure to let us know where you are staying before you arrive so we can arrange the complimentary bus transportation.

Samana Diving’s Dive Las Terrenas is located in Samaná Peninsula. This location is on the North-east corner of the island of Dominican Republic. The city of Las Terrenas is located catty-corner on the northeast corner of the island.

Transportation times to different areas via taxi are as follows:
Santo Domingo International Airport – 120 minutes
Catey International Airport – 45 minutes
Santiago International Airport – 120 minutes
Bahía Principe Portillo – 5 minutes
Viva Samana Hotel Resort – 10 minutes

All of the dives we offer include tanks, weights and weight belts. In addition, the following items are available to make your dives more enjoyable at no additional charge:

On board the boats:
Ice Chest with ice.
Local Fruits
Fresh Water.
DAN 02 Kit’s
DAN First Aid Kit.

On the Docks
Gear rinse tanks.
Overnight gear storage rooms.
DAN First Aid Kit.

If you don’t already have your own equipment, the following items are available for rent:

Masks / Fins / Snorkels
BC’s (Sbq & Aqualung)
Regulators (Aqualung & Apeks)
Wetsuits (3mm SBQ & Aqualung)
Computers (Suunto)

To learn more about our rental equipment, visit our Rental Equipment page on this site.

All trips with divers have a minimum of two staff members. One is an in-water Instructor and the other staff member remains on board to assist divers. On the both dive of all 2-tank trips (the deep dive), we will have an Instructor in the water to assist other divers and to lead of the dive.

At Samana Diving’s we respect the effort, you put into earning your certification card and respect the qualifications you earned. As such we expect that all divers who present themselves as certified divers are capable of executing and successfully navigating a dive as a buddy team without any assistance from an in-water Instructor. If you are not confident in these skills, then we would recommend hiring a private Instructor who will guides and navigates your dive for you.

However, we go with an instructor per 4 divers, so, normally, even if you don´t have too much experience, an instructor will be near to you in all moment.

All of our dives start with a briefing where our Instructor will share with you a description of the site, local area, environment, and emergency procedures.

Our in-water Instructor is there to assist divers observed in distress and to lead a dive for any buddy teams who desire to follow him/her. He is an Instructor to everybody and buddy to nobody. His role is to enhance the pleasure of the dive by using his first-hand knowledge of the area.

Divers who are experienced and comfortable with their own navigation are welcome to go off on their own. During the dive briefing, a suggested profile will be described along with a “be back” time. If you perform your own navigation, all we ask is that you are back on the boat by the specified “be back” time.

Divers who want to perform their own navigation and where both buddies have a computer are welcome to go where they want and determine their own profile as well. All we ask is that you go no deeper than 100 ft / 30 meters (if you and your buddy have a computer) and are back on the boat by the specified time.

When possible, we try to separate divers by experience levels and offer two options, a more ‘experienced’ boat trip, versus a beginner diver trip for divers that are new, or not been in the water for an extended period of time.

First, please understand that not every resort we represent offers a meal plan option.

For those that do, the answer really depends on how much an often you desire to eat. Historically, a breakfast only meal plan option has offered some savings when compared to purchasing your meals a-la-cart at a hotel.

However, MAP (breakfast & dinner) or FAP (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) packages have been priced at a level where it is a convenience but do not really represent much of savings compared to when eating a-la-carte.

If an All-Inclusive option is offered – you must weigh how much alcohol you typically consume. Those packages are typically weighted to cover 4-6 drinks per day. A non-drinker may be able to eat a-la-cart at the hotel restaurants for less. While a big eater and parties may find a cost savings.

Most of our partner resorts can assist you in arranging babysitting services for younger children.

If you have teens (ages 10-15) consider having them learn to dive! When they become certified divers, they will be eligible for Samana Diving’s:

Younger children (ages 4-10) are welcome aboard the boats as snorkelers or bubble watchers. All we ask is that a parent or guardian remain on board to supervise them. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted on the boats.

Guests choosing to stay at the Alisei Hotel will find a full day children’s program available for kids of all ages