Dudu Cave in Cabrera

DuDu is a cenote or sinkhole and there is some doubt about its actual depth. Some say 107 feet whilst others suggest the bottom has yet to be determined. There is also a question mark over the name DuDu. One suggestion is that a Taino Indian of that name lived in a cave close to the lake which can also be explored while you are visiting the lakes.

Dive Schedule & Price

  • Frequency: On request
  • Departure From Las Terrenas: 08:00 
  • Est. Return To Las Terrenas: 15:00
  • Equipment Included: All equipment including lights
  • Pre-Requisite For Participation: Certified Diver

  • Hotel Transfer
  • Lunch & Drinks
  • Entrance Dudu Lagoon
  • Dudu Zip Line

10% OFF if you book online 5 days before your dives

Non-divers just pay US$ 80 and can snorkel in the lagoon, have lunch with the divers and jump in the zip line.